Application and induction process

Step 1 - Requirements
· Either an RSA/Cambridge or Trinity Cert. TESOL teaching qualification (a grade ‘A’ or ‘B’ qualification is preferred but not essential)
· A degree
· Non-native speaker teachers additionally need either a BA or MA degree in English Philology (this counts for the degree requirement) and/or a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
· Previous teaching experience is desirable but not essential
· Commitment to professional development
· A high level of professionalism
· Strong people skills and the ability to work as part of a teaching team
· A positive, friendly, open personality
· EU citizens are preferred. The process of getting visas in Poland for non-EU citizens is long, complex and costly; therefore, only particularly strong applicants can be considered.

Step 2 – The application process
· The school’s main recruitment period is in the spring and summer to recruit teachers for the following academic year. However, vacancies may also be available at other times of the year. The school always advertises its vacancies on this website, the International House World Organisation recruitment website and so if you want to check if there are any vacancies, go to:
-our school website, or or  and click on the recruitment link.
· If you want to apply for a position, send your current CV and a covering email to: (only applications from appropriately qualified teachers will receive a reply).
· You will receive a reply with our internal application form attached. Return the completed form to the Director of Studies as soon as possible.
· If your application is interesting to the school, the next stage is an interview. Interviews can be held face-to-face or on skype (with a webcam).
· If the interview is successful, you will be sent an offer for your consideration along with a deadline for your reply. Together with the offer, you will be sent an electronic copy of the school contract and the pay scale.
· If you decide to accept the offer, teachers from abroad will either be sent two paper copies of the school contract by post to be signed, one of which should be posted back to the school, or will be expected to sign the contract shortly after arriving in Poland. Local teachers should book an appointment with the School Director for coming into school to sign the contract.

Step 3 – Travel, arrival and accommodation (foreign teachers only)
· You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. Most teachers fly to Katowice or Krakow airports with Wizz Air (see, Ryanair (see or EasyJet (see from London (all airports), or other cities in the UK.  Teachers not travelling from the UK as their starting point should consult a travel agent in that country. Please try to book flights which arrive at reasonable times and not very late at night or early in the morning. The school can arrange the school driver to collect you, for a reasonable fee (paid by the teacher), from Katowice or Krakow airport. If you elect not to use this service you will be given advice about how to get to Bielsko-Biala and you will be collected at the main bus or train station and taken to your accommodation. The teacher is responsible for paying their own travel costs between the airport and the main stations in this case. On arrival you will be given a free food pack and a map of Bielsko-Biala.

· The school will help you with finding your first flat (single or shared) but the flat contract is directly between the teacher and the landlord. Finding a flat can either be done in advance by the school sending you information and photos of possible flats by email or it can be done on arrival with the school making appointments for you to view flats available. In the second case, the school will book reasonably priced hotel accommodation for you until you are able to move into a flat. Either way, you are responsible for paying for all costs related to accommodation – this includes your rent (payable in advance), your flat deposit (usually one month’s rent and paid on signing the flat contract), any estate agent’s fees (usually a proportion of the rent – it’s practically impossible to find flats without going through an estate agent) and any hotel costs incurred between your arrival and moving into your flat.

Step 4 – Induction programme 
This involves…
· Input sessions giving you more detailed information about working at the school
· Being introduced to the School Director, senior staff and administrative staff
· The opportunity to meet and talk with the school’s returning teachers
· Getting your timetable and sets of materials for the courses you will be teaching
You are paid for this induction period at the rate stated in the pay scale

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