Free time in Bielsko

Bielsko-Biala has a lot to offer especially when it comes to nature and outdoor activities.
Below please find a very subjective outline of free time activities




1) The school organizes regular social events for teachers and students. For teachers, we have seasonal social events such as back-to-school party or a sleigh ride in Szczyrk, whereas for students we offer Pub Quizzes (organized by teachers!) and kids clubs. More ideas are always welcome! :



2) Sightseeing: Discover Bielsko and its history! Did you know that the city is famous for its unique Frog House and a statue of Reksio?
Start sightseeing with this 3D virtual tour of the city:
and see more photos here:


  4) Hiking: there is no better free time activity than hiking if you find yourself in Bielsko. And it only takes 20 minutes on the local bus! To find out more about hiking in the mountains visit:





5) Breweries: visit local breweries and try our delicious beer! If you’re a fan, apart from the brewery in Bielsko, you should also consider visiting Zywiec and Tychy. Cheers!



6) Local day trips: visit Goczalkowice-Zdroj or Zywiec to see some of the pretties landscapes in Silesia. The two lakes are especially appealing in spring and summer when you can rent pedal boats or swim. Pszczyna is also worth a trip if you would like to see a European Bisons. You can also visit:




- Szczyrk: one of the biggest ski resorts in the country. Only 30 minutes away!
- Auschwitz: the infamous Nazi concentration camp is located in Oswiecim, Only 30 minutes away from Bielsko
- Wadowice: the birthplace of John Paul II and home of the famous cream cake! Only 1 hour away from Bielsko.

Weekends away: so many places, so little time! Discover Silesia and other regions of Poland, and if there’s time left, why not go abroad? Have a look at our suggestions for your weekends away:
- Katowice: the capital city of Silesia - 40-50 minutes from Bielsko by train
- Krakow: the most famous Polish city - only two hours away by bus
- Warsaw: the capital city of Poland – getting there shouldn’t take more than 4 hours
- Wroclaw: this city was home to 10 Nobel Prize winners! Approximately 5 hours away by train. It’s really worth the trip! - The Polish seaside: the Baltic Sea awaits! Approximately 7-8 hours away from Bielsko.
- Vienna, Austria: this beautiful city can be reached within hours either by train or bus in 6-7hours.
- The Czech Republic: the border with this beautiful country is only 40 minutes away by bus. Prague can be reached by getting a train from Cesky Tesin (on the border) and it takes 4-5 hours in total.




Food & Going out

The below list is by no means exhaustive…


- Szpilka and Dogs Bollocks (Rynek 28)
- Srodek (1 Maja 1)
- Beskid Burger (Wzgórze 6)
- Momo Grill (Podcienie 2A)
- Nowy Swiat (fancy!) (11 Listopada 25/23)
- Maximus (Batorego 7)
- Jarmuzno (11 Listopada 57)
- Palunichka Kuchnia (1 Maja 47)
- Magnum (Ratuszowa 3)
- Piwnica Zamkowa (Wzgórze 16)
- Browar Miejski (Piwowarska 2)
- Miasto (Mickiewicza 2)
- Ratuszowa (plac Ratuszowy 1)
- Niam Niam Grill Panini Bar (Partyzantow 44)
- Deka Smak (Galeria Sfera, 3rd Floor)
- Jedwabny Szlak (Wzgorze 8)
- Picollo Pizza (1 Maja 10)

- Celna (Celna 10)
- Miasto (plac Adama Mickiewicza 2)
- Grawitacja (Wzgórze 3)
- Rock (Staszica 7)
- Chmielowe Pocienia (Podcienie 2)
- Sephia and Happy Hours (3 Maja 13)
- Piwnica Zamkowa (Wzgórze 16)
- Galeria Wzgorze (Wzgorze 4/4)
- Stolarnia (Broniewskiego 19) (especially in summer!)
- and more…

  Cafes / Breakfast
- Oskar (Bielsko’s oldest) (Rynek 16)
- 4 Jaski Cafe&Deli (Plac Wojska Polskiego 5)
- Parasol (11 Listopada 40)
- Cremino (1 Maja 10)
- Farma (Smolki 7)
- Sniadanioteka (Partyzantów 23/6)
- Maluch Café (Cieszynska 3)
- Ciachomania (Gorska 16)
- and lots more in Sfera








My favourite place near Bielsko is Klimczok (the mountain!). When it comes to bars and pubs I'd recommend Srodek and Jarmuzno.
- Emil





I would recommend one of the new places: Palunichka Kitchen. They have delicious cakes and deserts and a selection of healthy drinks, too.
- Alex






There’s nothing I like better than a weekend stroll up and down Magurka. There’s a range of routes to follow and it’s great to experience the changing seasons.
- Alan







I really like ZWM (the main market square). It’s a great place to hang out.
- Aga








You should see Schodowa street after dark. It’s unlike any other place.
- Nick







Not many people know that Ząb is one of the most beautiful and biggest villages in Poland. It’s the birthplace of Kamil Stoch, the most famous Polish ski jumper, too. The place is great if you want to stay somewhere nice in Zakopane. It’s a must see.
- Kasia











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