Why work for IH Bielsko?

To apply please email us at bielsko.recruitment@ih.com.pl

As part of the International House Network we love Continuous Professional Development and are always looking to help our teachers develop and grow professionally. All teachers can count on a friendly staffroom atmosphere and ambitious and keen students. On top of that we offer:
- Service quality assurance from International House World and Polish Education Department
- A spacious teachers’ room (everyone has their own desk!) with adjoining kitchen facilities
- An extensive teaching methodology library
- A 3-4 day long Induction
- 10 Free Polish lessons
- Paid holidays over Christmas, Mid-term winter break, Easter and other bridging holidays (this does not apply to self-employed teachers)
- A programme of extra-curricular activities for our students (Pub Quizzes and Kids’ Clubs)
- Regular School Social Events for Teachers (Seasonal Parties, Sleigh Rides, Hiking trips)
- 25 years of experience in English teaching!
- Administration staff support throughout the whole school year

Continuous Professional Development at IH Bielsko

Daily lesson planning support

Senior staff are available daily for lesson planning help and assistance with group, 1-2-1 and in-company courses.



Training Sessions

Our weekly training sessions are led by senior members of staff until winter break. We choose topics from your suggestions made at the start of the year or as a result of global feedback after a series of observations. In the second term, teachers new to the school are encouraged to lead sessions or facilitate swap-shop sessions. Help in preparation and feedback afterwards is available for this. Please remember that running training sessions and participating in them is credited on your PDIs.

Courses and Workshops

Apart from our weekly in-house development sessions, IH Bielsko also runs the IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers course every September. The course is two weeks long and quite intensive! Please ask the DoS to find our whether you’d be eligible for free participation! Watch one of our teachers, Chris, talking about the course and his experience!

Online self-study workshops

Throughout the year our teachers are encouraged to take part in online self-study workshops offered by IH World. These are a maximum of 3 weeks long and completed asynchronously, so you can do them at your own leisure! There is a broad range of topic covered but in case you’re more into longer-term courses you might want to consider other IH Online courses (https://ihworld.com/teach/ih-online-teacher-training/) .




IH Teacher Training Days

Our teachers regularly get to attend other TEFL and IH conferences in Poland and support in this respect is provided.



These happen regularly and are always followed by a constructive feedback session. Help with lesson planning is available prior to the observation as well as afterwards.




 Professional Development Interviews (PDIs)

All teachers have a PDI once per academic year in April or May. A PDI is a summary of your time at the school and lists your teaching strengths and weaknesses, admin tasks you have completed during the academic year, training sessions you may have run, Social Programme events you may have organised and run etc and other aspects such as your reliability, punctuality and co-cooperativeness.


In 2019-20 we are also planning on running:

• The International House Language Awareness Course (LAC)
• A short in-house course on teaching Phonics







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