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Accommodation in Wrocław


We're happy to find accommodation for course participants from outside Wrocław. Just indicate on your application form that you'd like help with accommodation, or contact us directly.

Accommodation is usually in a furnished apartment with a private bedroom, the kitchen and bathroom being shared with another course participant or with the permanent occupant. All apartments are equipped with a washing machine, fridge etc., and an internet connection.

The cost of such shared accommodation is usually about 1,500 PLN for a four-week period. Cheaper options may also be available, depending on the time of year and how early you apply.

Single accommodation or hostel / hotel accommodation can also be arranged at extra cost.

Accommodation is usually available on the Sunday before the course starts and should be vacated on the Saturday after the course ends. However, it is often possible to arrive earlier or leave later - just let us know in advance. If this is not possible, we will help you find temporary accommodation for the days in question.

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