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 Hi, I'm Agnieszka. I've always been very keen on studying and learning new things. I've done courses in literature, linguistics and methodology in Poland, Norway and the UK. My objective this year is to complete my Delta course.

I love travelling and meeting new people. Every time I'm in a new city, I get a souvenir, usually a mug or a glass; I now have 30 of them, and counting. My experiences have made me realise how important English is as a tool for international communication. The ability to understand English and express yourself clearly and accurately when studying or travelling is an essential skill nowadays.

When I teach, it's interesting for me to watch my students unravel the mysteries of English grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. I can sympathise with them because I went through the process myself.

As for my other interests, I really enjoy modern art and design. I think if we focus more on the ideas behind modern pieces of art, rather than the visual aspects, it all becomes quite straightforward.


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