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Hi my name is Kuba, I'm orginally Polish but I spent more than a quarter of my life studying, teaching and volunteering abroad. I have recently finished my MA in Bilingual Education at the University College London, and for five years I worked as a secondary school teacher in the south of England. My specialism is multilingual education (English, Polish, and occasionally Czech) particularly when it comes to combining teaching language and literature. For that reason I often try to bring authentic materials into my classroom. I believe that culture is an important part of language learning so in my lessons watching Canadian stand-up comedians or reading Irish newspapers are nice additions to working on tenses and prepositions! Other than that, I'm an outdoorsy guy who likes spending free time hiking, climbing or cycling. If I can't escape to the hills or mountains, I enjoy a good book (Charles Bukowski is one of my all-time favourites) or a meal with my friends and family.


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