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Testimonials from some of our former DELTA trainees


Georgina Lovatt, UKmmmmmmmmmmmmm



I chose to do the intensive Delta at IH Wrocław as I was keen to teach a different nationality. It was an absolutely fantastic choice. The tutors were incredibly knowledgeable but also still curious about their chosen field. The input was fresh and presented in such a way that it never seemed regurgitated – it was thoughtfully and clearly put together and presented.

The observations are the core of the course - these were very helpful and enlightening and feedback was always positively and sensitively handled. Lots of nagging questions I had about my teaching were addressed through the observations and I was happy to push myself to identify and overcome my doubts and weaknesses with the tutors’ support. Peer observations were also great, and fostered a positive atmosphere among the group – those relationships are really important during the two months. It’s good to find a study buddy too – someone to bounce ideas off and proof read your work!

I did a quite a lot of reading prior to going to Wrocław, something I would highly recommend – it helps take the pressure off essay writing. It’s also worth brushing up on pronunciation – which is an important part of the lesson plans.

The school was very welcoming, the students really keen and Wrocław is a beautiful city to study in.


The intensive course makes for a busy summer! I really enjoyed the practical input sessions on teaching techniques, and the feedback on teaching was invaluable. While it was nerve-racking in the beginning – being observed by the trainers and my peers – the experience of receiving and giving feedback has significantly improved my teaching practice. I can easily say that I am not the same teacher as I was before the course.

Due to the heavy workload, I’d recommend brushing up on your typing skills, and doing as much pre-course reading as possible. It’s a good idea to begin Module 2 with a good idea of what you would like to get out of it, as well as knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher – a bit of methodological knowledge is helpful as well. You might drown in the terminology otherwise!

The course also prepared me for the Delta Module 1 exam, with extensive training in the test format and Cambridge expectations. We also had plenty of exam practice, leaving the course with a graded mock exam and piles of exam practice to further prepare for the test.

I strongly recommend this course to any ELT professional. The trainers are top-notch, and IH Wrocław is a well-resourced, comfortable place to study for a couple of months.


John A. Wolf, USAmmmmmmmmmmmm


Hannah Clarke, UKmmmmmmmmmmmmm



I took the Delta M2 course in summer 2014 at IH in Wrocław and quickly realised that I had made the right decision to do it there, as opposed to online or in a larger city. The atmosphere and size of the city offered the perfect setting for being able to focus on work with minimal external stress and pressure and the chance to relax (when there was time) too. Moreover, the tutors and all the staff at the school provided a supportive, nurturing environment to study in. The format of the daily input sessions was cleverly structured to incorporate and reflect on methods and practices that were transferrable to our lesson plans and classes, meaning we had used the methods ourselves before applying them to our students.

The tutors went above and beyond to be available to answer questions and offer guidance whenever needed, always providing thorough and well thought out answers and the resources available in the school, including a wide selection of books and materials, were invaluable.

During the intense pressure of the beginning of the course Alex, the main course tutor, mentioned to us that the summer in which he had done his Delta had been one of the best in his life, at the time we all laughed and him and wondered who could enjoy such a challenging time so much, but in hindsight I can say that I utterly agree. Doing the Delta at IH Wrocław was a time that not only benefitted me hugely professionally but also enabled me to grow as a person in confidence and make a host of new friends. I couldn't recommend it more highly.

In 2013, I participated in the Delta Module 2 course at International House Wrocław in order to improve my teaching and create more opportunities for myself in ELT. The course helped me achieve these goals and was a highly rewarding experience, both professionally and personally.

I enjoyed every aspect of the course, including the input sessions, which deepened my knowledge and understanding of language acquisition, the history of ELT and various approaches to teaching. But perhaps most beneficial were the teaching practice opportunities, where I received crucial feedback from the tutors and my peers, the latter a select group of experienced teachers. The course also included work on the Delta Module 1 exam, which I passed the following December.

Finally, Wrocław is a fun and fascinating city, full of friendly people with lots to see and do. I didn't have much free time during the course, but when I did it was nice to be in a city with so much to offer.

Since the course, I have been able to move beyond teaching and into teacher development: thanks to my Delta, I have been training as a CELTA tutor, have presented workshops on various topics and have done teacher observations for my school.

Ian Sowers, USAmmmmmmmmmmmm




Suzan Dima, Romaniammmmmmmmmm




I arrived in Wrocław on the last day of June, and my first day of holiday, quite scared of what was yet to come. And I was right to be worried. It was difficult and I worked harder than ever before, but I am grateful to have found kind and supportive admin staff, trainers and colleagues who were always ready to encourage and guide me when I needed it the most.

The most interesting and rewarding aspects of the course turned out to be observing others and being observed while trying to apply the theory and feedback received in tutorials. As anyone can imagine this was also one of the most challenging parts: linking the theory with the practice and writing everything in no more than a limited amount of words.

Overall, eight weeks of boot camp – it would have been much more helpful if I had taken Module 1 first, and basically covered the reading necessary. Along this line, I would also recommend a lot of self-discipline and balance between work, sleep and fun - Wrocław can provide enough entertainment for everyone - but time flies! Now when I look back, I know I would do it again without hesitation.


I did all three Delta modules with IH Wrocław, over 12 months (2012-2013). Doing modules 1 and 3 remotely was the first online learning experience I’d ever had and I was a bit apprehensive about how I’d cope without face-to-face contact with tutors and fellow students, which I usually find really useful when learning. However, the ‘moodle’ forum used during module 1 facilitated student-tutor contact brilliantly, the tutors were very involved and the course was well-organised, especially the clear, easy-to-follow teaching notes. Likewise, during module 3, my tutor was accessible and helpful and I didn’t feel alone at all, despite never meeting him! As for the 8 weeks I spent in Wrocław for module 2, it was one of the most enjoyable, stressful, challenging, sleep-deprived, adrenalin-filled learning curves of my life and I’d probably jump at the chance to do something similar again! True, essay deadlines came thick and fast, but I’ve never been so motivated and focused. Obviously, the tutors played a large part in making the experience so fulfilling and worthwhile. They were friendly and approachable and made sessions fun whilst imparting all the knowledge we needed for success.

I think I’d advise future students to spend time reading before embarking on module 2. There’s little time for reading once you start and it will be easier to find specific information again later if you’ve already read a lot. Other advice? Get lots of sleep and prepare yourself psychologically for devoting your all to module 2 before coming!


Caroline Pociegiel, UKmmmmmmmmmmmm



Matt Siegal, UKmmmmmmmmmmmmm


I did my Delta at IH Wrocław in 2012 and it was one of the most enjoyable, challenging and tiring experiences of my life. The course is fantastically well organised and I feel as though I got a lot out of it. Observing and being observed was nerve wracking, but it was one of the most valuable parts of the course for me. I feel as though I learnt a huge amount from both my coursemates and of course the instructors, both of whom were knowledgeable, supportive and approachable.

The Delta has acted as a real springboard for my teaching career. Since completing the course I've started working as a Director of Studies and I'm now a speaker for Cambridge English Language Assessment; I don’t think either of these things would have been possible if I hadn’t completed my Delta.

The whole atmosphere at IH Wrocław was fantastic and spending the summer in the city was a real treat. Sitting next to the river and going through my essays and lesson plans made the whole thing just that little bit easier!


There’s a lot to be said for the full-time Delta I did in Wrocław back in 2011. First, the people: I not only had full confidence in the tutors’ expertise but also felt they had a genuine interest in our progress on the course, were approachable and always there for us. Their input sessions were varied in format and style and there was plenty of room for exchanging ideas as well as encouragement and principled guidance, rather than spoon-feeding. We shared our own experiences as teachers as well as helped each other put together the observed classes.

Second, the format of the course was well thought out, with the reasonably-timetabled input sessions followed by self-study and teaching practice and feedback sessions, which were engaging and equally useful for everyone. Next, all the facilities we needed were there, including a well-stocked library, projectors etc. And all this in the beautiful and lively Wrocław with its cafes, pubs, clubs, parks, offering a reasonable cost of living and plenty of fun to be had.


Marek Głowczyński, Polandmmmmmmmmmm







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