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Apply for a course now

For the full-time summer Delta course

For the application form and tasks - and if you have any questions about the course - please email the course director, Alex Tilbury, at alex.tilbury@gmail.com


For all other courses

1. Please download the General Application Form at the bottom of this page and the application tasks relevant to your course.

2. Complete the form and tasks and email them to: ttcentre@ih.com.pl

We also welcome applications by fax or post, but email speeds up the application process considerably.

Note: We will always confirm that an application has been received, so if you do not hear from us, please send us a follow-up email.

3. Applicants for CELTA and Young Learner courses will be contacted within a week by a member of our teacher training team to set a date for an interview. If a face-to-face interview is not possible, a phone or Skype interview will be arranged instead. You will be informed of the result of your application at the end of the interview or shortly afterwards.

Applicants for Delta Modules online courses can be accepted without interview, although we may sometimes ask you to complete one or two additional tasks to ensure your suitability.

4. If your application has been successful, we will contact you with a formal offer of a place and provide payment and registration details. Please note that a place on the course cannot be reserved until a deposit is paid.

5. You'll also receive a pre-course task to help you prepare for the course, and some suggestions for pre-course reading.

(CELTA applicants: You can also find the list of recommended books on the Pre-CELTA reading page. Note that some of the grammar books mentioned there will be helpful in completing your application tasks.)


Advice for applicants

• Do research the course carefully to make sure it is appropriate for you before applying.

• Give yourself plenty of time to complete the application. Some tasks may be challenging and / or take a considerable amount of time to complete thoroughly.

• If you find the tasks difficult, don't be afraid to make use of reference sources such as dictionaries and grammar books. Ability to research is one of the things we’re looking for in applicants.

• If you are asked to resubmit parts of your application, don’t be discouraged. We just want to make sure that everyone we accept has the best possible chance of passing the course.


Application forms and tasks (click to download)

General Application Form

CELTA - Application Tasks

Delta Online Module 1&3 - Application Task

IH CYLT - Application Task

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