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CELTA dates and fees in 2018 

Date Full Price Early Bird Price*
15th January - 9th February PLN 5000 PLN 4750
26th February - 23rd March PLN 5000 PLN 4750
7th May - 1st June PLN 5000 PLN 4750
4th - 29th June PLN 5000 PLN 4750
2nd - 27th July PLN 5000 PLN 4750
30th July - 24th August PLN 5000 PLN 4750
3rd - 28th September PLN 5000 PLN 4750
1st - 26th October PLN 5000 PLN 4750
5th - 30th November PLN 5000 PLN 4750

* Early Bird Price – full payment made by 5 weeks before start date. To be eligible for this special price, please make sure you apply 6 weeks before the start date at the latest.

The above fee covers Cambridge registration fee (currently 131 GBP), tuition, course materials, pre-course studying materials, course report at the end of the course and Cambridge certificate. It does not include accommodation costs.

Fee can also be paid in GBP, EUR or USD.

A non-refundable deposit of 1500 PLN or equivalent must be paid in order to secure a place on the course. Deposits must not be paid until a firm offer of a place has been given in writing.

For more information, including application details, please contact us at: ttcentre@ih.com.pl

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