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DELTA Module One course – online


What is Delta Module One?

This module is more theoretical and focuses on language awareness, approaches and methods, evaluation of teaching resources and materials, and assessment of learner language and skills. It's tested in a written examination set by Cambridge English. The exam consists of two 90-minute papers which are taken on the same day. The exam takes place twice a year, in June and December.


When can I take a course?

We offer an extended online course twice a year. There's a spring course which prepares candidates for the June examination, and an autumn course which leads up to the exam in December. The course lasts 12 weeks.

Alternatively, if you do our Module Two full-time course, this also includes optional preparation for the Module One exam.


What are the dates for the online courses in 2020?

9 March - 29 May
7 September - 27 November


What's the course fee?

It's 2750 PLN (2500 PLN for participants who have previously done a CELTA or Delta module course at our centre).

There's also a Cambridge exam fee, payable via the centre where you sit the exam. At our centre the current fee for candidates who do a Module One course with us is 650 PLN. The fee for external candidates is 890 PLN. 


How is the course organized?

You'll be given access to an e-learning platform, which you'll use to communicate regularly with other course participants and course tutor(s).

The course consists of nine units. Each unit contains:

• study material for a specific topic area
• one or two study tasks on the topic
• an exam practice task.

There are also two mock exams.

There is no practical element in this module so your teaching will not be assessed.


What does a typical week involve?

Each week you will need to do the following:

• A study task:
   • do some background reading
   • write your answers to the task
   • read your peers' answers and get involved in online discussion.

• An exam practice task:
   • do some background reading/familiarisation with the exam requirements for the question
   • write your answer to the question
   • read the tutor’s feedback on your and your peers' work.

Your work is submitted each week in the form of a post on the course website. Your work will be read by other participants who will respond to what you have written, and you will be expected to read theirs and do the same. Tutors will monitor and contribute to the ensuing discussions and will provide personalised feedback on your study tasks and graded assessment of your exam practice tasks.


What’s the workload like?

The course involves a considerable amount of reading and self-study. The exact amount of time required will vary from individual to individual, but at least 15 hours a week can be expected. Although you can do a lot of the reading and study flexibly in your own time, you will need to follow the course timetable and hand in your work by the appointed deadlines each week. The more reading you can do before the course starts, the easier you are likely to find the workload.


If you have a question which is not addressed here, please e-mail us at:


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