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DELTA Module Two / Module One and Two course – full-time


What is DELTA Module Two?

This module is based around five assignments. One of the assignments focuses on your professional development and gives you the opportunity to experiment with new techniques and approaches in a structured manner. For each of the the other four assignments, you need to research and write an essay on a particular area of language systems or skills, then prepare and teach a lesson on that area.

Module Two therefore requires attendance at a course run by an approved DELTA centre so that your teaching can be supported and assessed. Your professional development assignment and three of your systems / skills assignments are internally assessed by your course tutors. Your final systems / skills assignment is assessed by an external assessor from Cambridge English.


When can I take a course?

We offer a full-time face-to-face course once a year, in the summer. The course lasts 8 weeks and takes place at our teaching training centre in Wrocław. The dates of the nest course are 6 July - 28 August 2020.


How is the course organized?

The course is flexibly designed so as to be suitable both for candidates wishing to take Module Two only and for those wishing to focus on Modules One and Two.

A typical course day will include three hours of input sessions and two hours in the classroom, where you will either teach or observe your peers at work. In addition to this, there are regular feedback meetings and one-to-one tutorials with course tutors.

About 75-80% of input sessions focus on ELT theory and practice and the requirements of Module Two. The five Module Two assignments are spread out over the course, with externally assessed lessons taking place in the final week.

The remaining 20-25% of input sessions are dedicated to training and practice for the Module One exam, and these are largely concentrated in the latter half of the course. A full mock exam is held in the penultimate week of the course.


Why is the course eight weeks?

It is true that it's possible to sprint through Module Two in fewer than eight weeks - but we have found that the eight-week format allows for a more developmental focus and results in a far more satisfying experience for candidates, tutors and students alike. It gives more time for the Professional Development Assignment which forms the backbone of the course, and more time for research, essay writing and lesson planning - particularly in advance of the all-important external! It also allows the tutors to offer additional, unassessed observations with a developmental focus, and affords greater scope for resubmission of assessed elements of your portfolio. 


How much does it cost?

For candidates wishing to focus on Module Two only, the course fee is 7,350 PLN. For those who'd also like to participate in the Module One elements, the course fee is 8,450 PLN. 

These fees include the Cambridge entry fee for Module Two (currently 140 GBP). The exam fee for Module One is payable to the centre where you sit the exam. At our centre exam fee for candidates who do a Module One course with us is 650 PLN. The fee for external candidates is 890 PLN.

See Dates and fees for further details.


How much work is involved?

Eight weeks is longer than many face-to-face Module Two courses and so allows more time for reflection and development – but still, the course is extremely intensive! In addition to the scheduled input sessions and teaching practice mentioned above, you will also need to:

• do a lot of reading and research
• produce substantial written assignments
• prepare detailed plans and materials for lessons
• write evaluations of your own and others' teaching
• do pre- / post-seminar reading tasks to prepare for / consolidate input.

Cambridge suggest that the above will take about 20 hours a week on top of the scheduled course hours. For most participants, this turns out to be a very conservative estimate. You will need to dedicate a the greater part of every weekend to written assignments, for example.


How is teaching practice organised?

You'll teach groups of adult learners organised by the school, typically one level in weeks 1-4 and another level in weeks 5-8. Lessons are held for two hours a day, five days a week, giving you the opportunity to get to know your learners really well.

On average you'll teach a couple of times a week. When you're not teaching, you'll usually be observing your peers' lessons so as to be able to participate in feedback. Some of the lessons you teach will be formally assessed, but the format of the course also affords considerable scope for purely developmental observations (and for the occasional unobserved lesson!).


To apply for this course

For the application form and tasks - and if you have any questionswhich are not addressed here - please email the course director, Alex Tilbury, at:


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