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Our CELTA course


How long is the course?

It's an intensive, 4-week course.


What does the course include?

The scheduled 120 hours of the course comprise:

daily input sessions involving demonstration and discussion of teaching techniques and principles, and practical language analysis. Extensive use is made of group activities and co-operative learning.

daily teaching practice sessions with adult learners at two distinct levels of ability. Candidates will typically teach eight lessons over the course.

feedback on teaching practice with tutors and peers. This usually takes place the day after teaching practice to allow time for reflection.

assisted lesson planning. Candidates have the opportunity to discuss and refine their lesson plans with the assistance of course tutors the day before they teach.

guided observation of experienced teachers. This includes both video and 'live' observations, totalling six hours.

four written assignments on practical areas of teaching.


How much work is involved?

The CELTA is extremely intensive. We give a lot of emphasis to this fact during interviews for the course but still, many candidates are taken aback by the pace and volume of work which the intensive CELTA requires. In addition to the scheduled elements of the course mentioned above, candidates also need to:

• prepare thorough lesson plans and professionally-presented materials

• reflect on and write evaluations of your own and others' teaching

• do reading and research for your written assignments

• write your assignments and submit them on time.

In other words, successful participation in the course means four weeks of long days and busy weekends! Candidates must be certain that they'll be able to dedicate all their attention to the course for the entire period without distractions of a professional or personal nature.


How is the course assessed?

There is no final examination. Assessment is based on performance in teaching practice and written assignments. Candidates need to pass both these elements in order to be awarded the CELTA certificate. They are also required to maintain a portfolio of all your coursework. An external assessor appointed by Cambridge moderates each course.


What will I get at the end of the course?

Successful candidates will receive one of three grades: Pass, Pass B, or Pass A. A straight Pass is the most common grade. In addition to an official Cambridge CELTA certificate, candidate will also receive a personalised report on their progress and attainment from the course tutors.


When can I do a course? How much does it cost?

Each year we run between seven and nine courses. See Dates and fees for exact details. The standard course fee is 5,000 PLN, with a 250 PLN discount for early payment.


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