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Pre-CELTA reading


We recommend that successful applicants obtain the following books in preparation for – and for use during – the CELTA course. We suggest both of the books by Scrivener, plus either the Parrott or the Swan.


Learning Teaching (3rd Edition), Jim Scrivener, MacMillan 2011
This book deals with methodology. You'll be using it throughout the course (in particular to help with one of the four written assignments) and it's valuable pre-course reading in its own right.


Teaching English Grammar – What to Teach and How to Teach it, Jim Scrivener, MacMillan 2010
Does what it says on the cover!


Grammar for English Language Teachers (2nd Edition), Martin Parrott, CUP 2010
A good modern grammar reference book with clear explanations and analysis. Ordered by topic.


Practical English Usage (3rd Edition), Michael Swan, OUP 2005
A very thorough language reference covering grammar, vocabulary, usage. Alphabetically ordered.

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