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IH CYLT (Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers)


What is the IH CYLT?

The International House Certificate in teaching Younger Learners and Teenagers (IH CYLT) is a teacher training course and certificate which is designed to prepare participants to teach English as a foreign or additional language to children between 2 and 16 years old.

The IH CYLT is moderated and assessed both by the IH World Organisation Assessment Unit and by Cambridge English Language Assessment.


How long is the course?

It's an intensive, 2-week course.


Who's the course for?

The IH CYLT is designed for:

• teachers of English to children and / or teenagers who would like further training and an opportunity to reflect on this area

• teachers of English to adults who wish to adapt their skills to younger age groups.

Applications from candidates without prior teaching experience but with an initial teaching qualification such as a CELTA will also be considered.


What are the entry requirements?

In order to be eligible to apply, all applicants must:

• have had some initial training and/or experience in English language teaching

• be at least 18 years old

• be educated to university entrance level

• speak and write English at a minimum level of CEFR C1

• display an interest in the teaching of younger learners and teenagers.

Additionally, applicants must be in a position to dedicate all their attention to the course for the whole two weeks, as it is extremely intensive!


What does the course involve?

The course includes a minimum of 50 scheduled hours, covering input seminars, observation of experienced teachers, observation of peers, tutorials, and assessed teaching practice.

In addition to these scheduled hours, participants will also need to dedicate a significant amount of time to the written requirements of the course, including detailed lesson planning, two compulsory written assignments, and a number of tasks and projects to be presented in a portfolio at the end of the course.

Topics addressed on the course include:

• younger learners and second language acquisition

• methods and approaches

• aims and objectives

• planning for younger learners

• classroom management

• classroom instructions and classroom language

• clarification of new language and checking understanding

• accuracy and correction techniques

• practising language

• games in the YL classroom

• materials

• speaking and listening

• reading and developing writing skills

• teaching mixed ability classes

• progress and assessment


How is the course assessed? What will I get at the end of the course?

In order to pass the course, candidates must complete all course requirements and perform satisfactorily in both their teaching practice and their written work. There is no final examination.

Successful candidates will be awarded a Pass grade or (exceptionally) a Distinction grade. They will receive a report from the course tutors, and a certificate from the International House World Organisation with the Cambridge English Language Assessment logo and the words 'Moderated by Cambridge English Language Assessment'.


When can I do a course? How much does it cost?

This year's course dates are 09–20 September 2019. The fee is GBP 595. This covers tuition, course materials, end-of-course report, and certification. It does not include accommodation costs.


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