Website creation with Nick

What we are giong to do:

Students will learn the basics of website development using the languages of HTML and JavaScript. Learn the basics of webpage layout with HTML and learn how to create interactive content on the webpage using the functional programming language JavaScript. A heavier emphasis will be placed on JavaScript as it is a language that will help students learn many other languages such as C++, Python, Java, and C#. We will look at programming concepts such as “for-loops”, “if-statements”, “strings”, “arrays”, “switch statements”, and others.

Why we are going to do:

We will create webpages that can do tasks such as show a meme based on user inputs, determine what English tense a sentence is, make a calculator to solve geometry problems, make a basic website to show your hobbies, make a web app that can make a user’s English sound better, and more! Everything is possible with the power of programming!

How we are going to do:

Students may use one of our school laptops or they can bring their own laptop if they wish. The software we will be using is Visual Studio Code, a very popular free program from Microsoft.

5-9 July 2021
12-16 July 2021

Monday-Friday 11:00-14:00

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